Thank you!

We just wanted to do one final post to say a few thank yous.

Firstly, we need to thank our amazing “wife” and support, Neil – he has been there for us, driven us everywhere and supplied an endless supply of beverages, water, delicious snacks and just been so motivating for everyone.

Now to the incredible guide Ben who taught us so much and distracted us from the pain by entertaining us with some of the best stories ever. You are an absolute inspiration Ben and we’re all so grateful to have been able to run with you.

Possibly the biggest thanks must go to the amazing Fraser who came up with Run 100 and guided us across Scotland. You too have been such an inspiration to us all and you’ve kept spirits high all week! None of us could have got through this challenge without you and we just cannot thank you enough for your generosity.

Finally, we’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone for your incredible support. It was the hardest thing we’ve all had to do but the kind messages, generous donations and support along the way has made it that much easier. Massive heartfelt thanks from all of us.

If this has inspired you and you’d be interested in joining the team next year, contact Marie McQuade on 07985 703985.

This is team #maggiesrun100 signing off for 2015. We hope you have enjoyed reading our blog.


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