Day 6: Are we nearly there yet?

Are we nearly there yet? I feel so free and alive! Where is that bloody bridge???!!! Just some of the things we uttered on today’s final run.

After 5 days on the road we found ourselves on the home straight of our run across Scotland, well…as much as an 18 mile run can be considered a home straight!

The day started with an early rise followed by a short drive to the start point in Morvich. The opening 5 miles were along a road which thankfully had a small, narrow pavement. After the opening miles we took a sharp right and started making our way up a steep climb towards a lookout point. The hill would take our breath away but not as much as we were promised the views would that we would meet at the top. Sadly the weather had other ideas and we were met by mist and clouds so we couldn’t see a thing! It’s a common phrase that what goes up must come down and this was certainly the case as we flew down the hill as fast as we could.

At the bottom of the hill we caught up with the support vehicle that has been driven by the fantastic Neil all week. We jumped into the minibus to get out of the rain and wind and to enjoy some hot drinks and snacks. Following this quick stop we left the van and continued running but this time along what must be the busiest road in this part of Scotland. Delivery trucks, caravans and fast cars gave us all a scare but after two miles we safely made it off the road and onto our lunch stop. This was in a car park overlooking Eilean Donan castle – one of the wonder views of the week.

After lunch we were all feeling anxious for the following five miles. The experienced runners among us had warned us of this stretch of the route and it became quickly clear that the terrain would live up to its billing. Tree roots, quagmire, wind, rain and slippery moss meant for treacherous conditions. All of us struggled on this section but we knew that once we completed it we would be on the final section with only two miles to finish on THE bridge. The thought of the finish line proved to be the perfect motivation and it definitely helped to push us through some of the most difficult conditions we have run in.

With two miles to go we all felt exhausted but having come so far we were full of mixed emotions, delighted to be at the finish but sad that the adventure would soon be over. We ran towards the Skye bridge with the wind at our backs perhaps for the first time all week, then ran up onto the bridge to complete our quest. Lizzie was met by her parents and Sister Mary, and Fraser’s parents who had supported us throughout most of the week arrived as well. It was a perfect end to a wonderful adventure.

Elated by our success, it was back to the hotel for a quick shower and a glass or two of champagne. Wind, rain and pain all forgotten for now… anyone for a run?

Miles run: 18 (100 in total!!)
Money raised: £14,428.86 (72% of target)
Number of miles we will be running tomorrow: 0… except for our fantastic guide Ben who is foolishly running up Loch Nagar!


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