Day 4: Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

This morning, we all woke up feeling a little on the achy side! After a much needed breakfast, we set out on our daily run this time leaving straight from our hotel where we finished yesterday.

A field full of cows was our first point of interest – one wandered over to us intrigued at what we were doing but soon lost interest when she realised we clearly didn’t have any food!

We then climbed a steady hill which, when you have run c. 50 miles in previous days, you could definitely feel in the legs! We powered on through and soon we were high up with incredible views of the valley below.

Carrying on through Scotland’s beautiful native woodland, we followed the path round which led us to amazing views of Loch Beinn a’ Mheadhoin which we were to follow for the rest of the run. The loch is littered with beautiful islands and gave many fantastic photo opportunities.

After 12 miles we finally found our final destination where we met Neil and the van for a welcome lunch. Sadly, this was quickly disturbed by midges and a little light rain, the first of the entire trip.

This shorter run today allowed us the time to explore the local area and some of us chose to visit Plodda Falls. After a rather hilly half hour walk some of us were starting to wonder why we had signed up to this extra distance! However, suddenly the wood opened out to present us with an incredible waterfall framed by huge, beautiful trees. It was absolutely worth the effort.

We’re now back at the hotel and practicing various stretches in the hotel lounge… to the intrigue of the other hotel guests! Mark B is about to go and wake up Mark C for dinner, who chose to miss the trip to Plodda Falls so he could catch up on some rest and daytime telly.

We are all thinking ahead to the big adventure tomorrow… 21 miles with no support vehicle is waiting for us tomorrow. We’ve just had a very serious health and safety briefing from Neil… Eeek!

Miles run: 12.3
Money raised: £13,963.53 (69% of target)
Number of runners nervous about tomorrow: all of us!


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