Day 3: Don’t Stop Believin’

Day 3 and we have some guests! Mark Cooper, our Fundraising from Maggie’s Edinburgh has now joined us for the rest of the week. We also welcomed daytrippers Gordon Smart, Editor of The Scottish Sun and Ally K who read about us in the paper and wanted to show his support!

Today’s route started back at Drumnadrochit where we finished yesterday and would take us through beautiful scenery before bringing us back to our hotel in Tomich. We were only just into our stride by the time we reached the first hill of the day, a challenging hill which tested the humour of many of us. Once we reached the top we found ourselves running through a forest trail with open landscapes surrounded by trees. By this stage, Gordon was leading the charge and enjoying blasting up the hills!

At lunchtime we met up with Neil and the van which was a welcome site as we knew that meant some time to relax, eat and enjoy a brew. After lunch there was time for a team photo at the Corrimony Chambered Cairn before it was time to hit the trails again.

Our afternoon run took us up through beautiful moorland surrounded by gorse and heather, and we were amazed by some beautifully open landscape. We passed close to a bothy so we couldn’t resist a look inside. The inside was decorated with the names of groups who had sheltered in the bothy and the years they were there.

The highlight of today’s run was getting to the highest peak of the day of 1170 ft where Lizzie and Mark C jumped for sheer joy! Snow covered mountains greeted us and seeing this in June was something really special.

Next up was the descent – always one of the trickiest things even if you wouldn’t think so, made more exciting by the risk of being chased by cows! We emerged in the beautiful village of Tomich and back to the hotel for a rest.

Thanking our guests Gordon and Ally for joining us we then made it to dinner. Tired legs and minds all round but we’re excited for the day ahead tomorrow. And we haven’t even mentioned Ben’s hilarious story about being chased by French policemen in canoes…

Miles run: 18
Money raised: £12,573.82 (62% of target)
Number of runners required to hug a massive tree: 10


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