Day Two: Crash, Bang, Wallop!

After a hearty breakfast, the team were ready to depart the hotel at 9am. Daunted about the day ahead, there was a mixture of nerves and excitement on the bus as we headed back to where we finished the day before, Maggie’s Highlands. On arrival, we were papped by various photographers and fed quality streets by our fabulous host Andrew… Fraser was delighted to discover the last strawberry one!

Eventually we set off towards the Inverness Caledonian Thistle stadium and three miles later we were there. This was our chance to see the sea so we could truly do “coast to coast” and again have various photos taken.

We then set off in the direction of Skye and towards what can only be described as a pretty massive hill! One thing that became clear was how much hill training Joanna had been doing… she literally can sprint up them un-phased leaving the rest of us behind in her wake! Half way up said hill, we were met by our wonderful support van for a much welcome bottle of water.

Leaving the van, it became clear that the route had been changed since our guides last took a group and half a mile later we found we had to turn back (hence the extra unplanned mile today!). The next few miles were through beautiful woodland, up steep hills and general banter between us runners.

The sight of the support van (driven by the wonderful Neil) in the distance for lunch made us all run that bit faster for our pre-ordered food – huge thanks to the lovely Sarah for sourcing all our requests. We had a break of half an hour when Laura managed to squeeze in a cheeky nap!

More miles followed, as did a few more hills (you can see a pattern here) and we even found a Geo Cache much to Lizzie’s excitement. Suddenly a beautiful and breathtaking view came into sight… Loch Ness! We stayed for a few photos and then plodded off again on the final stages of the journey.

The next stage was just so much fun… what goes up, very much must come down! We all bounded down the hill. Marie, a little too enthusiastically took a slight tumble but bounced back up and carried on running completely un-phased.

The end was in sight now so we ran passed Nessie (genuinely, we all saw her) and arrived at the van. After some stretches we headed to the hotel for a relax and some delicious dinner.

Miles run: 24.5
Money raised: £12,288.82 (61% of target)
Number of Jaffa Cakes consumed by Mark: 9


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